Best way exercise to loose 10 kG in a month

To loose weight you have to take less energy and also have to burn more energy. The minimum energy required for a healthy sedentary worker is approximately 2000 Kcal for female of 1.64 cm height and 2500 Kcal for male. To reduce weight your have to drink plenty water and minerals and fibre to increase stools bulk, cut of high calorie food. You have to do exercise to increase energy expenditure. To loose 1 Ib weight you need to expendite 3500 Kcal energy.

 Here are some form of exercise to burn your energy.

  1. Walking [300-400 calories/hour]

It is simple way to loose weight but it is slow way .Walking is not only a great way to burn calories, but it’s also a low-impact workout so almost anyone can do it. Now, if you’re searching to burn calories and lose weight you can’t just head out for a slow evening stroll.   Normal walking energy expenditure usually occurs 300-400 cal/hour. Walking has necessary impact for …

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes
  • Strengthen your bones and muscles
  • Improve your mood
  • Improve your balance and coordination

The faster, farther and more frequently you walk, the greater the benefits. So get out there and get walking!

  1. Running Stairs [1000 calories/hour]

It is comparatively laborious than walking.   A simple flight of stairs is about to be your new favorite workout tool. Walking, running, or lunging up a flight of stairs provides a great big calorie burn. A 150-lb person running stairs for an hour can burn 1000 calories! Of course, it’s probably just as crazy to run stairs for an hour! But you don’t have to. Get this: A person weighing 160 lbs. will burn 102 calories walking up and down stairs for 10 minutes. That’s a lot! Even better, you can do a great cross-training workout in 30 minutes or less and burn off more than a regular running session. Look for an outdoor staircase near you that has more than one flight. If the weather is bad, use that simple flight of stairs in your home instead.


  1. Kettlebells [800-900 calories/hour]

Kettle-what? Kettlebell! It is a cannonball-shaped weight that produces a powerful, effective workout like you’ve never experienced before! Kettlebell workouts combine strength training with cardio for a complete workout. And if you want a calorie burn, look no further. These babies can help you burn up to 20 calories per minute, which is the equivalent to running a 6-minute mile. Now that’s called getting the most from your workout time!


  1. Jumping Rope [600 calories/hour]

One of the best cardio exercises for weight loss is jumping rope! It’s not only a calorie blaster but helps build bone density, strengthens your legs and makes your heart stronger. According to WebMd you’d have to run an eight-minute mile to work off more calories than you can burn jumping rope.

Jumprope is also a great form of plyometric workout, where both feet are off the ground. Plyometrics get your heart pumping and burn calories like none another! Check out this check Jump Around Cardio Workout you can do at home:

10-Minute Jump Around Cardio Workout

Watch the video below to see how each exercise is performed. Perform each move for 1 minute and then take a 1 minute rest after you’ve gone through all four. Repeat the entire circuit one more time for a 10-Minute Jump Around Cardio Workout.

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Jump rope
  • Split jumps
  • Box jumps (you can use any step or safe, elevated platform)
  1. HIIT [600 calories/hour]

HIIT, or “High Intensity Interval Training,” has grown by leaps and bounds over the last several years. What was once used to train only elite athletes is now mainstream and can be found in any gym and all over in online workouts! High intensity interval training comes in many forms, but the goal remains the same: go all-out with your highest intensity for a short interval, then take a brief recovery and do it again. These higher intensity periods increase the body’s need for oxygen, causing your system to search for that oxygen and therefore burn more fat than lower intensity training.

How do you do it? You choose! This training can be done with running, cycling, elliptical machines an even with weights. The form is less important than the goal: HIGH INTENSITY. Most programs will have you push hard for between 20-30 seconds, with a short 10-20 second rest in between. Done correctly, you will be breathing through your mouth and should NEED the recovery in order to continue. The best news of all when it comes to Hiit is that 20 minutes is plenty of time to get this done! A 20-minutes Hiit session is more effective burning calories and fat overall than a 60-minute jog.


  1. Cycling [600 calories/hour]

It is one of the best way to burn energy .You have do pedding of bike .Cycling is an excellent way to get exercise, increase your heart health, strengthen your leg muscles and burn some serious calories. Outdoor cycling is fantastic and fills your need for fresh air and vitamin D. But not everyone feels comfortable biking outside or has the money to purchase a brand new bike . In cycling you can burn calories as well as 600 calories /hour.


  1. Rowing [500-600 calories/hour]

You know that machine in the corner of the gym that all-too-often sits unused? The rowing machine is something you should definitely be using! People might stay away from this machine because they don’t know how to use it, or perhaps because they wrongly assume it is just an upper body exercise! That notion couldn’t be more misguided.

Rowing is a full body exercise that works the biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, glutes, quads, hamstrings and corer body. In addition to all this strength training, keep in mind that the cardio benefits of rowing are intense! According to Harvard Health Studies rowing burns between 250-300 calories in a 30-minute session.

Give some of these cardio workouts a try to burn calories, keep your heart healthy, and speed up your weight loss. Paired with strength training, it’s an unbeatable combination that will have you feeling healthy, lean, and strong.

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