How to Make Your Kids Love Healthy Weight Loss: 3 Tips for Parents

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How to Make Your Kids Love Healthy Weight Loss: 3 Tips for Parents

The fast-growing rate of childhood obesity is one of the world’s main health problems, according to WHO. There are now over 41 million of overweight or obese children under the age of five. And that number is staggering 340+ million for those aged 5-19. Children with obesity are much more vulnerable to health problems associated with the condition than adults. Therefore, it’s essential to help your kids lose excess weight as early as possible. The sooner they get within the range of a healthy BMI, the higher is their chance to grow up healthy and strong. Working on your weight loss together will be a great encouragement for kids.

3 Tips for Fighting Childhood Obesity: How to Make It Fun

1. Turn it all into a game

Regular workouts get boring even for adults who are mature enough to understand the benefits and outright necessity of exercise. Children definitely won’t be motivated by the words ‘it’s good for you’. However, kids love playing, so you can make them enthusiastic about exercising with little effort.

Any physical activity is exercise. You should take advantage of that fact and make sure that your child’s day involves a lot of physical activity. Limit their time with a gaming system and instead buy a multitude of balls, bikes, and various active toys. Make sure your child’s playroom and your backyard have a jungle gym for them to explore. You should also go for walks in the park often and learn various ‘adult’ activities like hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, etc.

The most important thing is to do those activities together. In some cases, you’ll also need to let your child play active games with a group of peers. This will help them develop social skill and make the active play time more fun. It’s best to put off sports until your child asks to join some teams/clubs directly. You wouldn’t want them to feel pressured into something and become resentful because of it.

2. Choose a diet that fits you and your child

Don’t get obsessed with weight loss diet plans you can find online. Those might work for some people, but you are unique and so is your child. This means that you need a meal plan that fits your unique needs and lifestyle. Finding the right diet for you is one of the basic quick weight loss tips. You’ll be able to achieve better results when you develop a diet that gives you exactly what you need. And you might need to develop several, so every member of the family can lose weight more efficiently.

Start with a healthy well-balanced diet for all and go from there. You can make this into a fun activity. For example, print out your menu for the week and have every family member write what they thought about different dishes. Include that into your diet journal along with notes of weight lost or gained over time.

3. Lead by example

Playing active games together is fun, but you also need to teach your children that life isn’t only about games. As children go through a phase where they emulate their parents, it’s essential to make sure that you show your kids a good example in everything, including adhering to a weight loss program.

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