Mastering Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is one type of internet based marketing where affiliate marketer gets from big ecommerce giant or other who sells products.


Who are affiliate marketers?
Those who promote other company product by internet and social media.


How affiliate marketers are paid?
They paid for each sale or lead after each months.


How much they get for each sales?
It varies on the company and products, Usually it is 20 to 80% of price but it may be 5 to 5000 USD depending upon the deal and products.


What are the products can be sell on affiliate marketing?
All types of products virtual to real or physical products


How much can I make from affiliate marketing?
It vary on your effort plan and strategies. You make make 0 to million USD.


Can I take affiliate marketing as carrier?
Millions of affiliate marketers are taking this as there profession
Benefits of affiliate marketing
No need to go office
NO boss
Easy and feasible

Can I start affiliate Marketing?
First You have to determine that you will do hard work and target is definite then you start


I am agree to start affiliate marketing, what can I do?
You need a domain , a hosting, and website


How much does it cost to start?
You can start with only 100 USD but you need knowledge , you need planning , you need strategy
You can start with yourself or you can do ready website with affiliate consultant


So, I have website and hosting and domain, I can start a affiliate marketing site what I need next?
You need well organized website, you need content, you need to do SEO of you site , You need to promote your site


Where can I promote?
You can promote your site on google,bing,facebook, twitter,youtube


I can not write how can I write?
You can hire content writer


I can not design website, How can I start
You better hire web designer and developer, It does not cost much


How much time require to make money?
It depends your effort work and sincerity. It may be 1 months to years.


It there any icon who makes millions?


What are the affiliate market place? ,,,


Top Indian Affiliate earners:
Amit Agarwal
CEO and Blogger
Started blogging 2004.He is making 30000 to 50000 USD monthly, It is technology and internet blogging

Harash Agarwal
CEO and Blogger , Started bloging since 2008. Monthly income 30000 USD

Shradha Sharma
CEO and entrepreneur Started bloging since 2008 . Making 35000 USD monthly

Faisal Farouqui
CEO and Blogger started bloging since 2000. is his site where he makes 23000 USD per month.

Varun Krisnam
CEO and entrepreneur started smart phone site 2005. Making 18000 USD monthly

Ashis Sinha
CEO, Blogger and Enterpreneur started at 2012. Now making 15000 USD montly.


TOP affiliate earners in the word:

Pat Flynn

one successfull blogger who started blogging 2008, Till now he makes 50000 USD monthly. Most of the income comes from affiliate marketing.

John Chow

One of famous blogger and enterpreneur. Who started blogging as passion and now he leaved job and works as full time blogger but he only blogs 2-3 hrs a day.

His monthly income is 40000-450000 USD. His blog is


Jeremy Schoemaker

Famous blogger and entrepreneur who started blogging in in 2003. Now his monthly income is around 20000 USD.


Neil patel

Famous blogger , analytics expert. who is maintaining 3 blogs which are worth of 10 million USD

His blogs are

Estimated Worth of his companies: $5 million to $10 million

If you are a serious affiliate marketer and want to learn from veterans then you could join affiliate summit.


Darren Rowse

One of the famous blogger in the world. He started blogging 2002. His famous blog is

His estimated monthly is approximately 40000-50000 USD. He has 7000 articles in his blog.


Finch Sells

Finch Sells is renowned affiliate marketer in this time. He is young blogger who leaved  his 9 to 5 job and started working on a blog and became a successful affiliate marketer.


  • His website:
  • Alexa Rank: 32,104
  • Estimated Earnings: $15,000 to $25,000


100 Famous blogs:




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