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Your goal is to build a food blog that earns money by serving loyal fans with your amazing recipes. We help you do that through our 4-step formula: Get More Readers to Your Blog Make Your Blog Look Professional Help You Build a Following Help You Make Money Still got questions? Go to our website…

Your goal is to build a food blog that earns money by serving loyal fans with your amazing recipes.

We help you do that through our 4-step formula:

  1. Get More Readers to Your Blog
  2. Make Your Blog Look Professional
  3. Help You Build a Following
  4. Help You Make Money

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Get More Readers to Your Blog

Better SEO

When you create a recipe with Zip Recipes, under the hood, it creates recipe markup using JSON-LD. This is the preferred method to inform Google that you created a recipe.

This produces a higher ranking for your recipes and drives better engagement in Google Search by displaying your recipe in a rich recipe format.

To further help bring more readers to your blog, the images you add to your recipe will automatically contain information for better SEO (Search engine optimization) through the use of ALT image attributes.

Better Experience with Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

If you enable Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on your blog, Zip Recipes will make your recipes load instantly from Google results. This gives your readers a better experience and higher Google ranking.

More Readers from Pinterest

Pinterest can also be a huge source of readers for your blog as well. With our JSON-LD recipe markup, your recipes will appear on Pinterest as Rich Recipe Pins. People looking for your type of recipes will discover them and click over to your website giving you an excellent opportunity to build a fan base.

Look Professional

Your recipes will look like they came right off the pages of a cookbook!

Here is how we help you compete with professional recipe websites that have thousands of dollars in marketing budget:

  • With instruction images, you help your readers easily follow along and re-create your recipe like you’re there holding their hand
  • Highlight or draw attention to specific ingredients or steps by formatting the recipe text
  • Allow your reader to cook in their own environment by printing your recipe
  • Make your recipe accessible to your readers on their phone, tablet, or desktop computer
  • Modify your recipe card by changing borders, image size, ingredient & instruction list format, and labels
  • Provide all the information your reader may need including how long your recipe will take to prep, cook, nutrition information, and more
  • Allowing your readers to clearly separate different components of your recipe through multi-part recipes (for example, cake and icing)
  • Use any WordPress free or paid website themes

Build a Following

Help Your Readers Taste Success

The first step to turning your readers into fans is to enable them to re-create your recipes and be successful in their cooking endeavours. That’s why we have a notes field where you can clarify tricky steps, provide ingredient substitution or add your commentary about the tools they can use.

Some readers need nutrition information before even trying to re-create your recipe. That’s why Zip Recipes helps you provide readers with what they need so they keep coming back to your blog. This includes nutrition information, cook and prep time, notes and more.

Fastest way to create recipes

The best way to build a following is to keep your readers coming back for new recipes for them to try.

To speed up your workflow and save you time creating recipes, we provide:

  • Easy Copy & Pasting: You can copy & paste the recipes you already have from Microsoft Word or other programs.
  • Flexible Editor: Our flexible editor works how you work by allowing you to add recipes to posts, pages, and even custom post types.
  • Featured Image Support: You only have to set one image for your post or page if you use featured images. We automatically make your featured image the recipe image.
  • No coding required: We made Zip Recipes easy to use so you don’t need computer knowledge to start publishing your recipes. Even a complete novice can do it!

Let Your Readers Access Your Recipes from Anywhere

Most of your readers will consume your recipes from their mobile phone or tablets. That’s why we provide full support by making your recipes compatible with phones, tablets and desktop computers for your readers.

Your Recipes are Yours Only

Since you create your recipes, you should be the one to benefit from them. That’s why we don’t publish your recipes on our website. We help you build a following and don’t compete with you.

Help Them Remember Your Blog and Find You Again

When readers print your recipe, they will always be able to come back to your blog because Zip Recipes includes a link to your blog in the printout. When combined with the copyright statement, your brand will stand out in their minds.

Make Money

Every business needs a source of income — including your blog.

After getting more readers to your blog, impressing them with your professional looking recipes, and building a following, it’s time to monetize your blog.

You can monetize your recipes using:

Affiliate Marketing

You get paid through affiliate marketing when you link an ingredient or tool to an online retailer like Amazon. Each time your readers click on the link and buy from the retailer, you get paid a commission fee.

With Zip Recipes, you can easily create links that link to affiliate products.

Recipe Membership Website

With the help of plugins like Memberful or WishList Member, you can create a recipe membership website and use Zip Recipes to publish recipes for paying members only.

This is an excellent way to start earning an income once you establish a following.


Zip Recipes also works with major ad platforms like Google Adsense, Adthrive and Mediavine. This is another alternative to help you monetize your blog.

You can get the detailed installation instructions here.

You can download and install the Zip Recipes plugin using the built-in WordPress plugin installer. If you download the Zip Recipes plugin manually, make sure it is uploaded to “/wp-content/plugins/zip-recipes-plugin/”.

Activate the Zip Recipes plugin in the “Plugins” admin panel using the “Activate” link.

To use the plugin, click the little Zip Recipes icon on the “Edit Post” pages, right next to the other editor toolbar buttons at the top of the text editor box. Then enter the details about your recipe into the appropriate boxes, and then click the “Add Recipe” button. This will save your recipe, and insert it into your blog post.

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